Where and When is the Berryville Hamfest?

The Berryville Hamfest is always held the first Sunday in August at the Clarke County Fairgrounds in Berryville, Virginia.

What’s your typical attendance?

Attendance has been holding steady in recent years.

1500+ General Admission
200+ Tailgaters
80+ Inside Vendor Tables

How much is admission?

The admission fee of $10 is for each person in a car over the age of 16. Children under 16 are free.

Are there any discounts for admission (senior citizen, veterans, etc.)?

No except that children under 16 can get in free. We have kept our admission fees the lowest of any hamfest in the region. We also don’t want to do anything to slow down cars getting into the fairgrounds by asking ticket sellers to figure out different rates. When cars don’t move quickly, traffic can back up on the highway, causing unsafe conditions.

Do I have to buy an entrance ticket for my spouse and children?

All adults must purchase an entrance ticket. This gives them a chance to win one of the prizes if they submit their stub at Announcer’s table under the Grandstand.

Children under 16 are admitted free of charge.

Do you take credit cards or checks at the entrance?

No, please bring cash only to be admitted. Some inside vendors can take credit cards, but individual vendors vary on whether they can take credit cards, checks, or just cash.

Where is the nearest ATM?

There is no ATM on the Fairgrounds, but there are ATMs in nearby 7-11 locations: 10929 HARRY BYRD HWY, Berryville, VA 22611 and 10176 HARRY BYRD HWY, Berryville, VA 22611-5271.

The Bank of Clarke County has two ATM locations in Berryville:

•     400 McNeil Drive, Berryville, VA 22611
•     2 East Main Street, Berryville, VA 22611

Is handicapped parking available?

Yes. Just alert the ticket seller when you come in and they will direct you to closer parking area. We will also have a “Gator” available to help transport any “heavy” purchases to your car. If you need this, check with a club volunteer or the folks at the announcer’s stand. They can call the Gator driver.

Where are rest rooms located?

There are restrooms in the Ruritan Building,and in the Horticulture Building and several porta-potties in remote locations. CLICK HERE for a rough map of the Fairgrounds.

Are food and beverages available?

Yes, The Clarke County Ruritan Club will be running its concession stand and selling breakfast food and coffee starting at 7am and switching to lunch sandwiches later in the morning. We also try to procure an ice cream truck to have on hand. Other dining options are available in the town of Berryville.

Will there be anyone at the hamfest who can verify QSL cards for awards?

There will be two persons available to check QSL cards for ARRL and CQ awards at the ARRL table in the Ruritan Building from 8 AM to 11 AM.

Can you tell me the verified vendors coming?

Vendor List by Building. We typically sell between 80 and 100 indoor tables, representing 20-30 different vendors. The closer we get to the date of the event, the more last-minute inquiries we get.

Often there are vendors who have reserved the show barn and pavilions. Tailgaters are spread throughout the fairgrounds.

Between September and February, the vendors listed will be those from the previous hamfest.

What’s the price for inside table spaces?

We have three vendor buildings. The only air-conditioned buildings are the Ruritan Building and the Horticulture Building: the cost in those buildings is $20 per space with table and chairs, but since current vendors get first chance at the spaces for the following year, they sell out quickly. Spaces in the other building (including a table and chairs) are $15. Since we have kept the vendor space pricing the same for many years, all vendors are expected to pay the standard admission fee. The admission fee is $10 per person. See VENDOR INFORMATION and VENDOR FAQ for more vendor details. You may also email the Vendor Coordinator: vendor-coordinator (at) berryvillehamfest.com.

Are the unairconditioned buildings uncomfortably hot?

Usually, they are quite comfortable for two reasons: the fairgrounds are shaded by many 100-year-old oak trees and we always open the big doors on each end of the buildings for maximum air circulation.

Do inside vendors have access to electricity?

Yes, there are a few outlets in each building, but we strongly recommend you bring extension cords, power strips, and cord protectors to cover the cords that cross walking areas.

Can I reserve an outdoor space? How much is a flea market/tailgate space?

There are three outdoor areas that can be reserved: 1) the Show Barn (under cover with sawdust floor), 2) the Small Pavilion near the announcement stand (under cover, grass floor), and 3) the Large Pavilion (under cover, concrete floor). Reserve an outdoor space using our Vendor registration page.

No other outdoor flea market/tailgating spaces may be reserved ahead of time – they’re available on a first come, first served basis. These spaces are $10 each in addition to the per-person admission. The gates open at 6am on the day of the Hamfest (first Sunday in August).

When can vendors get into the buildings to set up?

Vendors will have access to the vendor buildings after 2pm on the Saturday right before the Hamfest and until 6pm that evening unless they make arrangements ahead of time for late arrival. The buildings will be locked overnight. They will only open on Sunday (the day of the Hamfest) after all the vendors in the building are set up, but no later than 8am.


Are there any other hamfests we can attend the same weekend?

Yes! The Roanoke Hamfest is usually on Saturday, the day before ours. Some vendors attend that and come to Berryville later in the afternoon to set up. For more info on their event: http://roanokehamfest.info/.

May I bring my pet(s)?

The owners of the Clarke County Fairgrounds do not allow pets.

Why can’t we bring firearms/weapons?

The Fairgrounds do not belong to us, and we are complying with the owners’ requirements for use of the property.